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Always at the forefront of innovation in the hospitality industry RAW Africa Boutique Collection’s Managing Director, Paul Duverge has announced that the Collection is to launch a Garden Route Hotel School in early 2022.  (RAW Africa Boutique Collection was formerly named Cape Summer Villas).

Duverge, driven by an absolute passion for the hospitality industry initiated the establishment of the hotel school and hospitality training facility along with the Collection’s shareholders as an extension of the Collection’s offerings.

“In working with students from a number of institutions over the past decade, it became clear to me that the main focus of their training has been academic, not practical. And what we see is that after three years of study they are not actually ‘work ready’ in the practical sense and sadly, lack confidence in the workplace”, says Duverge.

“Ultimately our aim with the establishment of this school is to ensure that learners will gain valuable practical experience. We will ensure that there will be a strong emphasis on practical ‘hands-on’ working experience within our own 5-star establishments. We want our graduates to move into the future as confident and ambitious leaders, ambassadors and mentors within the industry.“